Monday, August 17, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

I went to this movie hoping the critics were wrong. My hopes were soon dashed. The premise of the movie and the book it is based on are good. The general idea of a man with a genetic disorder who involuntarily travels through time to the most important times in his life. What I can't understand is how or why? How, if he honestly can't control this disorder does he make sure to show up at just the right moment just a little bit older. For example, as he disappears while getting dressed for his wedding, not to worry an older looking gray-haired version of himself shows up to see his bride walk confused but happily down the aisle. If he can control it that much to make sure he is there at his wedding and then the younger version who should have been there for the wedding shows up at the reception, again, at just the right moment. Like the poster, this movie is topsy-turvy. I was so confused trying to keep up with all the time traveling and therefore the story line. The Henry that shows up to foreshadow his death for all of 10 seconds in front of his wife and his younger self was just down right annoying. He states throughout the entire movie that no matter how much he "travels," he can never change the past or the future and is sure not to spill the beans to ruin the future. So, the gist is, the whole time I was sitting there going what on Earth is happening? Wait if he can make sure he's there for his wedding then why can't he control where he goes. I want to give this the benefit of the doubt and hope that the book is more clear and less confusing than this movie. Rachel McAdams is very good in this movie, as she always is, and so is Eric Bana although his age transformations are not that convincing. When he is supposed to be in his early twenties he still looks like he's in his 30s and the only way to tell is one small gray streak in his hair. I don't know if I would say "I Do" to this movie, at least the movie on the "big" screen. Wait for the DVD and see if the deleted scenes make anything more clear. If not, read the book and hope that clears things up, but if that doesn't do it, be ready to stay confused because if you aren't when you walk out of this movie then you are much quicker than me. If this is the case please comment and explain.

This movie gets **1/2 stars love Rachel McAdams as always and Eric Bana does well at hiding his accent but not his age. Rent it don't buy a movie ticket. It was something to do on a lonely boring Saturday night otherwise I just might have skipped it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie and Julia

Julia Child changed the world. In a time when women were frying chicken and cooking mashed potatoes for dinner, or for those lucky enough to have servants who cooked, Julia child took a chance on learning to cook at the Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris where she moved with her husband Paul. Meryl Streep doesn't fail in her adaptation of Mrs. Child and her very distinctive voice and demeanor of fearlessness. She fought the odds and kept pushing and cooking until she eventually became one of the most famous cookbooks in history and pioneering the TV cooking show. Julie Powell was a disgruntled, bored cubicle worker at an insurance company who has to constantly listen to the woes of others. Her husband gives her, an aspiring writer, the idea to write a blog, where you don't have to worry about being rejected by a publishing company, she can publish for the world to read. She vowed on her blog, the Julie/Julia project to cook the 524 recipes in Julia Child's cookbook in one year and to blog about it everyday. As she does, she faces multiple breakdowns over failed cooking and a nearly fatal blow to her marriage after her husband gets sick of the world revolving around her and Julia Child. In the movie, Julia Child is alive and Julie does everything she can to show Julia that what she did mattered and in the process, improves her life, her love and relationship with her husband, and her well-being and outlook on life. In all the hardships of the cooking, the failures and her determination to finish make her stronger. Obviously, her blog becomes wildly popular and she eventually writes a book based on her experiences with that blog. There are flashbacks to Julia Child and her life as well. The whole movie could not have been about either woman, but especially not about Julia Child who is fun to watch for a while but after a while, her voice and complaining start to stop being cute and become annoying. The movie is cute, but a little slow at times and had me thinking when is this movie going to end? Well, it ends and Julie never meets Julia, but her life was changed regardless. The only thing hard to believe is that Julie and Julia don't weigh 500 pounds because the one thing about French Cuisine according to Julia Child is USE LOTS OF BUTTER! FromQ the entrees, the sides, and the desserts there isn't enough exercise in the world that could work it all off. Other than that, this movie is very cute, very watchable, slow at times, but ends well and leaves you satisfied after walking out. All together a delicious meal. Go partake in the goodness. Anything with Meryl Streep in it cannot be wrong in my see it and just hope you aren't hungry afterward cause you will crave French fattening food.

*** 1/2 stars only losing half a star because it is a litle slow in places and could be condensed a little but other than that a real treat!