Thursday, April 30, 2009

17 Again

Went with my friend T to see 17 again which I have been looking forward to for weeks! I love me some Matthew Perry, from FRIENDS of course, but I even remember him being in She's Out of Control with Tony Danza way back in the day.   Not that I'm that old it was just on recently.  Anyway, back to the subject.  17 again was very good, surprisingly so.  It was predictable but not so much that it was annoying and I loved how it could be funny without being over crass.  The whole rich nerd subplot was amazing.  I love how Zac Ephron picked up a lot of Matthew Perry's mannerisms and habits and even a little bit of how he moves.  I wish he had been in it longer but I already feel like a cougar at 28 because I was seriously crushing on Zac's character.  Go See This Movie...I command you!

****  4 stars you have to see it now!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

MADE FOR TV: Nora Roberts' Tribute

This made for TV movie follows the formula of every Nora Roberts book.  Woman or Man moves to town, meets their soulmate within ten minutes of entering said town, someone tries to kill man or woman, man or woman falls in love, starts intimate relationship with main character, love interest saves them, they live happily ever after in whatever town.  Tribute with Britney Murphy was not any different.  Brit moves in to her grandmother's old house, who just happened to be one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, and now her granddaughter is as well, then she meets Jason Lewis and in pure Nora style falls in love solves crime or mystery of who is trying to kill said character, happy ending.   stupid stupid stupid

*  one star for crappy picture quality, sparking rumors of Leeanne Rimes' and Eddie Cibrian's adulterous romance, and just bekng annoying.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love Takes Wing (Made for TV, Hallmark)

Slowly, but surely I have been watching the continuing saga started with Dale Midkiff and Katherine Heigl in Love Comes Softly based on the book by Jannette Oake.  Although the actors change on a regular basis and only one or two of the characters carry over for more than two and sometimes on rare occasions, 3 or 4 installments.  
In this installment, Belinda Carlisle Simpson, the adopted daughter of Missy Tyler (who has had plenty of last names, but I cannot remember them all.  She has gone to medical school and comes to a small town, stricken with a mysterious illness that no one has yet to figure out.  Dr. Simpson is not accepted too well by the townspeople at first when she fails to cure or find the source of the illness.  Eventually, she discovers a cure, finds a new man to marry despite still grief stricken by the tragic death of her husband from Tuberculosis very recently before coming to this small town.  
The townspeople blame the orphans and the dilapidated orphanage for the illness and cast them as outcasts who are not allowed in town because the townspeople believe they are contagious.  Lou Diamond Phillips plays a villain that tries to destroy what he sees as the problem the vermin of the orphanage.  Eventually as all movies in this style start there are times when you cry but a good ending.  Haylie Duff stars as Belinda's best friend who helps her come up with a new and effective way to administer fluids to patients...can anyone say IV?  

I give it 3 stars.***  I'm being more liberal about it because it is a predictable series but Jordan Bridges, son of the famous Beau, gives good eye candy, but it's pure entertainment and a look into the past before antibiotics and emergency rooms...and it keeps its Christian appeal.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7 Pounds

I have never cried so hard or tried so hard to figure out a movie in my life. I rented it happily ignorant of the actual plot, dude, all I can say is I am never going in the ocean ever again and I will be more careful on my cell phone in the car after seeing this movie.

I won't give away the plot because trying to figure out the big secret is the whole reason it is interesting. It's one of those films you see once and then when you see it again everything falls into place and it makes more sense. I call it the "Sixth Sense Syndrome."

This movie is worth seeing but let me tell you bring tissues because if you don't cry at this movie then you are a robot and need to report back to Oz to get a heart, you tin man. Again, great acting from Will Smith, although I miss funny and biting Will Smith such as in Men in Black and Independence Day (ID one of my favorites) this one is a must rent! I just say rent because although it would be nice to go back and watch it again now knowing the plot and all the big "secrets" I just couldn't watch it again without entering a deep state of depression. Come on Will Smith give us some movies that you can make up a rap to and sell all those records before your son gets more popular than you! SNAP! So again, MUST RENT! but only rent.

*** Three stars because I hate movies where you can't even see the screen because you are crying so hard, for you ladies make sure to wear waterproof mascara and for you men, this will not put her in a romantic mood, more than anything she will just be depressed and develop a sudden "headache."

RENT IT NOW at your local movie getting place! bye

Fast and Furious

Okay Vin Diesel fans, get ready for some eye candy. Not as much eye candy as the first Fast and Furious movie but hey it's something. Paul Walker still as good looking as ever but starting to show his age. The plot is not existent, except for the Letty (Michelle Rodriguez's part) story. I won't say what that story is but lets just say do not piss off Vin Diesel or in this case Dom!

I give it **1/2 stars simply for eye candy and Vin Diesel, and my affinity for awesome cars and my to quote Top Gun "I have a need a need for speed!" All of you who love action, fast cars, and Vin Diesel or Paul Walker then pay the money all of you who are on the fence wait for the DVD! I loved it because I love action packed movies but it was purely just entertainment but it won't give you a life changing moment that some of the greats will give you! Fun but Forgettable

New Moon

Sorry guys this movie is so random deeply on my radar that I had to include a picture of Edward and this New Moon poster that some fan who is a genius created!!! The Twilight addicts thank you!