Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Hearts

Okay everyone, I was thinking about this movie the other day that I saw once upon a time with Harrison Ford called Random Hearts....so I thought I would review it. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....snore....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...snore...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....snore...When does the movie start? oh it's over? I fell asleep? I was snoring? Oh! Okay! Well let's go k?
Random Hearts sucks, I srsly was like this movie is so boring. I have insomnia and I think this just may be the cure...lol sorry it's horrible but true. Ambien ain't got nothing on Random Hearts

in the negative stars...never I repeat, never see (sleep through) this movie...it will be a waste of you life...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, May 22, 2009


"Operation Valkerie is still in effect." Operation Valkerie was the last attempt of 20 total made on the life of Adolf Hitler. Tom Cruise plays the main organizer of the operation Colonel Van Staufenburg. After losing his eye one hand and 3 fingers on his other hand he went on to as closely as possible overthrow the worst war criminal to ever live. He was willing to die to prove that all Germans were not evil, that they did not all hate the Jews and they did not all believe the same things that Hitler did. Adolf Hitler lived that day and later that night took back Berlin after what Stauffenburg had done to try to overtake the capital. This movie is good if you care about history. I liked it because when we think back on WW2 everyone thinks it was Germany that was evil. It was not Germany at all. It was one man who assumed control of Germany. The movie shows that there were men of conscience who put their lives on the line to stop the terror. It seems convenient that all the German soldiers and characters in the movie spoke perfect American English and had no German accents whatsoever. It was okay. I'm glad I didn't waste my money and go see it at the theatre but it's worth the cost of Blockbuster or Netflix.

2 ** stars for educating us on the difference between the evil of an entire people and one man who rules them. The story needed to be told, could have been better, but hey they can't all be four star right!

Let Me Take a Moment to Say YESSSS!!!!

Move over old British stuffy guys here comes Robert Downey Jr. minus the drug addiction. He is seriously hot if you have to go to jail for a while to come out looking that good let's all send our husbands, boyfriends, guy friends, to jail just for a while so they can work out in the yard. Let's just make it one of those jails that you get buff in. It seems to be the "in" thing. Like hello, Kiefer Sutherland obviously bored about not shooting any more of his 24 hours headbutted a guy for Brooke Shields...lamespice...wtf?
Anyway, back to the situation at hand, we have a hot, muscular Sherlock Holmes, and a just as hot, don't know about the muscular, Jude Law as Watson, it's elementary my dear bloggers this movie is going to be AWESOME! To quote my friend lauren's bite. Kthanxbye

Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's a sequel, that's a prequel, set in the future to events in the past. The reviews are in and they aren't looking good for T4 or should we say T1/2. This is technically a prequel but it's a continuation of events in the other three Terminator movies that we have seen in the past. Don't try to understand you just can't it's too freaking confusing. This movie is and does what it is supposed to do and that is ENTERTAIN. Movies are entertainment when all these critics turn up their nose at a movie because of it's depth or quality acting then the action movie genre is not where they should look. No one who sees this movie should or if they have any sense, would, go into this movie saying, my life is going to change dramatically thanks to this next two hours. It is not going to make you money or give you the meaning of life it's going to do what movies especially action movies are supposed to do, entertain you, get you out of your life for a couple of hours (helped by the strictness of cell phone enforcement) and let you jump into someone else's world a world where the hero always wins and the good guys either die a heroic death or they don't die at all. I think if you want to see a movie that makes you pay attention the whole time, keeps your interest, and stays true to its roots...then this is it. If you want to be told the meaning of life go see the Dahli Lama. It's an action movie people get with the program! This is John Connor and we have won this battle but the war is not over! Oh and let's not forget, we now have new Man meat in the smokin hot Marcus or Sam Worthington, move over Christian Bale, maybe you should stick to playing the Dark Night cause Marcus is more bad ass than you, at least in the movie.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels and Demons

Dear Lord, this movie was boring to the extreme. For a movie called Angels and Demons there were no angels and no demons. Why not name it running around Rome following statues. That, my friends, is exactly what this movie is. It has a villain that you might not expect, but anyone who enjoys a good mystery knows that it is always the person you least expect that does the crime. The most exciting part of this movie was the previews. Dude, Ron Howard usually impresses me with his vision, but I don't know if it was the book, I have not read it, or if it was the directing, or the subject matter, but this movie just bored the crap out of me. Ewan McGregor has a big part to play in the whole story and is really in the movie even more than Tom Hanks. Ewan and Tom are both looking good these days. Tom Hanks is fitter than he has been in a while as evidenced by a swim in a pool with a speedo (shutters in disgust). But personally he is too old for me thanks. Ewan McGregor has no way to be sexy in this movie because he is a priest and being Catholic, that is just wrong. So let's recap. Plot sucked. No angels or demons. No sexy men or at least ones that you can imagine on top of you without burning in hell. Cast sucked. Directing sucked. Scenery was okay, but it was scenery of the frickin Vatican who hasn't seen that? I'm starting to fall asleep as I write this. Let's put it this way, don't waste your money!

0 stars, movies rarely bore me but this one was just horrible. Having to sit through it a second time would be a form of torture I think. I'd rather just go to mass.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek

I'm not a Star Trek fan or a fan of Captain Kirk, but after seeing this movie. I now am. I loved it! This movie is so good. It has the right amount of wierdness, foolishness, intrigue, action, and our beloved Trekkie characters both old and new...hint hint! Chris Pine pulls off the ladies man with a heart of gold like he was born to play the role. Zachary Quinto is uncanny look alike of Spock. In this movie, those mean Romulans creep up to take from the Federation Planets what in the future has been take from them by accident of Ambassador Spock. A black hole is formed and takes the future Romulans back in time to when the Enterprise made its maiden voyage and when Captain Kirk had only been in the Starfleet Academy for three years. Spock is torn between his half Vulcan, half human heritage and despite the charms and good looks of Jim Kirk, this time Spock gets the girl. It is exciting, fun, and a new way to introduce a new generation to a show that once captivated our elders. Way to go JJ Abrams. You have yourself a hit. I would not only go see it if I were you. I would go see it again, if money permitted. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Did I mention that Chris Pine is extremely easy on the eyes and that Winona Ryder has a cameo. Will the Enterprise survive its maiden voyage? Go watch and find out.
**** 4 stars for keeping the audience interested, good casting, good directing, and superb acting. I don't know about you but I hope there are many sequals in our future..Star Date 2009.511

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Everyone knows what this movie is about.  It's about a guy who is a huge womanizer and lethario who "dates" every woman he meets and then the minute he feels like they are getting attached he leaves.  As is his nature or was up until recently, Matthew McConaughey, plays this part with expert precision.  The kind of acting that could only be possible if the actor cold draw from life experiences.  Well, Matthew, as much as I love you, and trust me I do, you were a classic womanizer.  Now that you have a child to set an example for, many times this does tame most men I mean can anyone say Colin Farrell?  Jennifer Garner is in top form and looks great.  Love Breckin Meyer as the brother and the ghosts of past, present, and future.  Will he get the woman he has loved since he was a child or will he continue to go through women faster than paper in a shredder?  Well you will have to watch and see.  The movie is cute.  If you have a friend that is acting like a butthead to women take him to this movie and maybe he will change his womanizing ways.  It is a good date move of course.  Your classic chick flick, but still fun enough for a guy to enjoy.  Worth the time.  I might wait for the DVD instead of paying full price.

** two stars for predictability.  Matthew is losing his cute southern boyishness as happens with all men as they age, so maybe playing the guy who won't settle down is not the part for him anymore.  Maybe he should do a movie where his character has more depth.  Not a complete waste of time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

X-men Origins: Wolverine

The big reveal finally came and along with it a million gallons of water falling from the sky (it was rainy). After all this conjecture and stupid rumors and over-reactions about X-men being leaked on the internet before, today, its release date, there was a full house like expected. Hugh Jackman was wolverine, yet again, he played Logan to where you almost...almost forget it is even a movie. It draws you in, but, the connections between this movie and the first X-men from a few years ago are confusing. There are mutants we have never seen and younger versions of mutants that have met their doom. Ryan Reynolds has a cool power, but gets a very bad and disturbing makeover later in the movie. I liked the original Ryan Reynolds with his funny banter best and always have. Did I mention I love Ryan Reynolds? The movie was good if you are a fan of Wolverine and the comic books of X-men. It definitely sets the stage and I will give Hugh Jackman this; I bet if you put his image from the first movie next to his image from this one he would look either the same or better. Hugh knows how to stop the aging, but he doesn't look a bit worse for wear for two movies under his belt in this third installment, or is it the fourth, I can't remember. Anyway, it's good, it's worth seeing and it's worth the money for admission.

**1/2 stars. It suffers a little for predictability, but makes up for it in piquing our curiosity. Worth seeing at least once.