Monday, March 30, 2009

I Love You, Man

In theatres now is a movie also starring (Paul Rudd) as Peter, who proposes to his girlfriend, a very engaging and lovely daughter of Quincy Jones. The language is suggestive and look out for the fiance's best friend and her husband and their disfunctional marriage to get you tons of laughs.
At times, the dorkiness of both Jason Segal and Paul Rudd, can make you cringe and make it hard to watch but eventually the characters become a little bit less dorky and evolve into just plain funny.
Peter is a real estate agent who is trying to sell the house of a huge client, literally and figuratively, Lou Ferigno of TV's Incredible Hulk. He struggles at first but with a little from his new best friend calls come in in droves. As is move normality, they fight and then they make up to live in a perfect bromance, happily ever after, I didn't ruin the movie there are tons of funny moments in it and Jason Segal steals the movie. But a quick WARNING if you do not like the 80s band RUSH do not see this movie because the whole movie is centered around their music a lot, so if you hate the band don't see it other wise see it. It's worth the money.

*** can tend to get a little slow at times and the music not so good


Role Models

The other day at a very frequent trip to Blockbuster, as is a place I spend a lot of my money, I found a returned copy of Role Models on Blu-ray. This movie is definitely not for anyone who does not like cussing and bad or sexually suggestive language. There is even a little kid in the movie that cusses quite often, much to my surprise.
The general story is about two men (Paul Rudd) and (Sean William Scott) who are assigned by the court to 450 hours of community service and sent to an organization resembling Big Brothers/Big Sisters. As should have been expected, Paul Rudd gets a huge renaissance role playing nerd who takes his hobby seriously. Sean William Scott gets an approximately 9 year old African American child with a potty mouth even worse than all the adults in the movie.
This movie if you can get over the language and sexually suggestive talk, you will roll on the ground laughing, especially at the end, when predictably these men turn out to be real role models for their charges. I recommend seeing this movie on DVD now, which offers a theatrical and unrated version. If you are looking for a good laugh this is the one to rent.

**1/2 counted off for predictability


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twilight on DVD

Twilight, the insane pop culture phenomenon that made all girls fall in love with Edward and his family the Cullens. This movie is good but if you have read the books, and know the characters really well, then you will love Edward and all the Cullens, but Kristen Stewart's Bella, other than her appearance, does not live up to the Bella we all came to know and love in the books. They downplay her clumsiness a little. In the book, Bella cannot walk two steps without falling. In Twilight except for about 3 instances she seems to stay pretty well on her feet. The scenery is gorgeous and you see something new every time you watch it.


*** 3 stars for interesting story lines and for except in very few instances following the most important points in the book. Can't wait for the sequel New Moon, due out in November.



The movie Duplicity starring Julia Roberts (love her) and Clive Owen (love him). This movie pits these two beautiful people together once again and in a much more enjoyable way than in their last pairing in Closer. Closer was the most horrible waste of time ever.

Duplicity is about two spies from two different international spies one from the British version of the CIA called MI-6. Many might recognize this agency as the one that gave James Bond his license to kill. The next agency is the not so covert CIA which is the agency Julia Roberts' character Claire depicts. They meet one clandestine afternoon in Dubai at a party at the American Consulate. The movie is out of order but still easy to follow. I am not going to ruin the movie for anyone, but lets just say the movie lives up to its name by ultimately duping the two agents who think they are playing everyone else.

I give it *** 3 stars for interesting story and for keeping me guessing. Too often, I can predict the ending of a movie before it even gets five minutes into the film, but this one was a pleasant and not so surprising ending. Roberts and Owen still have chemistry and Roberts is back to the old actress that we all know and love. This one is worth the money so all of you who are waiting for movies to see that are worth the 10 bucks it costs to see it, this one is worth the money.