Monday, March 30, 2009

Role Models

The other day at a very frequent trip to Blockbuster, as is a place I spend a lot of my money, I found a returned copy of Role Models on Blu-ray. This movie is definitely not for anyone who does not like cussing and bad or sexually suggestive language. There is even a little kid in the movie that cusses quite often, much to my surprise.
The general story is about two men (Paul Rudd) and (Sean William Scott) who are assigned by the court to 450 hours of community service and sent to an organization resembling Big Brothers/Big Sisters. As should have been expected, Paul Rudd gets a huge renaissance role playing nerd who takes his hobby seriously. Sean William Scott gets an approximately 9 year old African American child with a potty mouth even worse than all the adults in the movie.
This movie if you can get over the language and sexually suggestive talk, you will roll on the ground laughing, especially at the end, when predictably these men turn out to be real role models for their charges. I recommend seeing this movie on DVD now, which offers a theatrical and unrated version. If you are looking for a good laugh this is the one to rent.

**1/2 counted off for predictability


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