Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Proposal

You can't live in the United States without seeing ads for Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynold's new movie The Proposal. This movie was very good. One highlight in particular lies in the much beloved and long missing from the spotlight, Betty White as "Grammy." Ryan Reynolds has his usual sarcastic sense of humor going on, but maybe toned down a little bit from former movies where he had all the comic relief in the movie resting on his chiseled shoulders. The actor, married about one year ago to fellow thespian Scarlett Johansson sparkles with charisma in this movie. Sandra Bullock is looking better than ever. Here her hair, clothes, shoes, everything is perfect and expensive, which becomes a funny issue as the movie progresses. The only thing wrong with this movie is that it may have been "over-exposed" by the press. The trailer gives you pretty much the entire plot-line and because it is a romantic comedy, anyone with any common sense can guess what is going to happen. Let's just put it this way, wouldn't be so funny if the main characters were prosecuted for defrauding the government with a phony marriage. Get the picture? That's what I thought.
The two actors do not have the same chemistry on screen as Bullock's movie soul-mate Keanu Reeves. Sandra usually produces good chemistry with all her co-stars, but it is hard to believe that these two would ever get together, there is no affection and you never guess that Reynold's character has any feelings toward her at all. There should have been that scene in every romantic comedy aka chick flick, where they have an amazing kiss or love scene, but then regret it and not know what it really means. There was no "light bulb" moment. I kept waiting and waiting for the light bulb and it never came. Their relationship falls a little flat and they never fully develop Sandra or Ryan's characters. Otherwise, it is just good fun and who wouldn't mind looking at Ryan Reynolds for two hours, some of that time in which he strips off all clothes. You will not see me complaining. The price of admission has gone up and so too have the expectations of movie-goers who need to be convinced they will be entertained, before they pay the price, in this declining economy. Let's just say, dig through the couch, go to the emergency coffee can full of money, scrape together the money anywhere you can and go see this one! It's cute, it's funny and above all it's entertaining. Isn't entertainment all that really matters in the end?

*** Three stars for this one it would be four, but it is very hard for any romantic comedy to get four stars on my ratings because they are all insanely predictable which is worth one whole star. So in this case three is the best it could be. Go see it! Take your girlfriend if you are a guy. Drag your boyfriend to see it if you are a girl. Trust me if you watch him closely you will see him secretly enjoying this movie. All you have to say is Sandra Bullock naked...he will go. TRUST

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