Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Okay, I was reading People magazine the other day, don't get me started on how pissed I am at that rag. Anyway, they gave this movie one star. I was like oh it must really suck then, but I will have to sit through it because my Mom wants to see it. People magazine was very wrong. This movie is cute and funny and a little bit crass, hence the R-rating. Here's the formulaic story-line. Katherine Heigl is big shot TV news producer in Sacramento. Gerard Butler is crass, tells it like it is, cable syndicated jackass who talks about what's wrong with women and how men think about them. So, because this is America and everything is backwards. People watch the show that Gerry does cause we like smut, it's the American way. Well, people don't much like the news. So to increase ratings and prevent shut down from the big bosses, you know cause of the bad economy and stuff, they bring in Mr. Butler himself to help the ratings of the news show and admittedly and predictably it helps. So, there's big shot news producer girl, she's a control-freak who scares men away with her checklist of perfection that they must live up to. She can't stand him and makes a bet with him that he can get her a hot male neighbor/doctor she likes if she does what he says. If it works, she lays off, if not, he quits. Okay, so he dresses her up in slutty dresses, gets her hair extensions, you know shallow crap and it works. Gerry isn't so happy it works. I won't ruin the story for you but you can guess what happens.

On that subject, a quick note to all you "movie critics" out there. Romantic comedies are always the same. There are few exceptions. Man or woman hate each other. Man or woman gets put in weird or awkward situations, man or woman fall in love with object of hate at the beginning. Hello, this is the way a romantic comedy is supposed to work. So yes, it's predictable, but so what, doesn't mean we should say it sucks because it has a predictable plot. Very few movies these days don't have predictable plots. So, you pros out there who are being so petty about your ratings, pull the giant stick out of your butt. Movies are entertainment. We want to believe we could have an Eric Winter and a Gerard Butler in love with us. We need to believe it for just a two hour span and then we can go back to our own normal and usually boring lives where no Gerard or Eric enters the picture. The movie was entertaining. It was worth the money and it was cute. Good movie. Go see it.

**1/2 the reason for such a low rating is only because Gerard Butler is not famous for his face, he is famous for his abs and we saw none of them. Also, he looked like someone while putting makeup on him in the makeup chair before his TV appearances could have introduced him to a razor, cause he's damn cute, but you just want to go buy him some shaving cream and a razor. Katherine Heigl seems to play the exact same character in every movie. Control freak who is clueless about life and love and not willing to take risks. Sound familiar, yeah you might have seen it in a little movie called 27 dresses. Good movie for fun and entertainment, if you want the meaning of life or you want to cry or be scared go see something else, otherwise, go. Note to suck..shut up!

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