Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love Takes Wing (Made for TV, Hallmark)

Slowly, but surely I have been watching the continuing saga started with Dale Midkiff and Katherine Heigl in Love Comes Softly based on the book by Jannette Oake.  Although the actors change on a regular basis and only one or two of the characters carry over for more than two and sometimes on rare occasions, 3 or 4 installments.  
In this installment, Belinda Carlisle Simpson, the adopted daughter of Missy Tyler (who has had plenty of last names, but I cannot remember them all.  She has gone to medical school and comes to a small town, stricken with a mysterious illness that no one has yet to figure out.  Dr. Simpson is not accepted too well by the townspeople at first when she fails to cure or find the source of the illness.  Eventually, she discovers a cure, finds a new man to marry despite still grief stricken by the tragic death of her husband from Tuberculosis very recently before coming to this small town.  
The townspeople blame the orphans and the dilapidated orphanage for the illness and cast them as outcasts who are not allowed in town because the townspeople believe they are contagious.  Lou Diamond Phillips plays a villain that tries to destroy what he sees as the problem the vermin of the orphanage.  Eventually as all movies in this style start there are times when you cry but a good ending.  Haylie Duff stars as Belinda's best friend who helps her come up with a new and effective way to administer fluids to patients...can anyone say IV?  

I give it 3 stars.***  I'm being more liberal about it because it is a predictable series but Jordan Bridges, son of the famous Beau, gives good eye candy, but it's pure entertainment and a look into the past before antibiotics and emergency rooms...and it keeps its Christian appeal.


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