Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fast and Furious

Okay Vin Diesel fans, get ready for some eye candy. Not as much eye candy as the first Fast and Furious movie but hey it's something. Paul Walker still as good looking as ever but starting to show his age. The plot is not existent, except for the Letty (Michelle Rodriguez's part) story. I won't say what that story is but lets just say do not piss off Vin Diesel or in this case Dom!

I give it **1/2 stars simply for eye candy and Vin Diesel, and my affinity for awesome cars and my to quote Top Gun "I have a need a need for speed!" All of you who love action, fast cars, and Vin Diesel or Paul Walker then pay the money all of you who are on the fence wait for the DVD! I loved it because I love action packed movies but it was purely just entertainment but it won't give you a life changing moment that some of the greats will give you! Fun but Forgettable

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