Thursday, April 30, 2009

17 Again

Went with my friend T to see 17 again which I have been looking forward to for weeks! I love me some Matthew Perry, from FRIENDS of course, but I even remember him being in She's Out of Control with Tony Danza way back in the day.   Not that I'm that old it was just on recently.  Anyway, back to the subject.  17 again was very good, surprisingly so.  It was predictable but not so much that it was annoying and I loved how it could be funny without being over crass.  The whole rich nerd subplot was amazing.  I love how Zac Ephron picked up a lot of Matthew Perry's mannerisms and habits and even a little bit of how he moves.  I wish he had been in it longer but I already feel like a cougar at 28 because I was seriously crushing on Zac's character.  Go See This Movie...I command you!

****  4 stars you have to see it now!!!

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