Sunday, June 7, 2009

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Ben Stiller gives Disney a hit once again, with the family friendly and adult friendly Night at the Museum.  I went and I was the youngest person in there.  Amy Adams plays Amelia Earhardt, the treasured and brave ally and unlikely love interest of Ben's character Larry Delpy.  Larry at the beginning has moved on from his duties at the museum although he goes back regularly to see his friends as they are animated when the sun goes down.  Larry soon comes to find out that most of his friends are being packed up and shipped to storage in the Smithsonian archives in DC.  The famous tablet from the last movie will not be going with them and they will probably be wax once again, but this time forever.  Larry realizes that he is not happy and decides that he is going to go rescue his friends in DC from an evil pharoah that has come to life and wants to stay that way permanently, while turning his army on the world and making himself god-king of the world.  Well as we all know Larry can't let this happen when he gets a call from little bitty Jedidiah (played by Owen Wilson) he comes to the rescue...sort of.  The ensuing antics are funny.  The Einstein bobbleheads as shown in the previews are funny, and the special effects are amazing, but come on what else did you expect this is Disney after all, they can do some amazing things at that place.  If you need to go see a movie with the family and don't want to be hiding your head or sinking low in your seat during awkward sex scenes with your Dad, Mom or Grandparent, or covering any innocent eyes of children then this is the movie to see.  It's fun without being raunchy and it brings a lot of history lessons with it.  I don't know if you are low on cash if you should go see it in theatres but when it does come out on DVD at least go rent it. It's pure clean fun for anyone.

*** 1/2 stars Amy Adams is great as Amelia Earhardt and Ben Stiller is great as the unlikely hero once again.  As honest Abe says in the movie, I cannot tell a lie, well I'm not lying when I say this movie was very entertaining and worth the time.

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