Monday, June 8, 2009

Taken on DVD

Well folks...what can I say Taken was very good.  I liked it but it was predictable. I mean in the beginning of the movie Liam Neeson tells us step by step what is going to happen.  In classic, super dude style, Liam, knows how to don that black leather coat.  It was entertaining, it was captivating enough to turn my attention from my latest addiction, blogging and twitter.  Liam Neason plays an over protective Dad who has given up his career as apparently a bad ass. It's not really clear.  He gave up his career to be near his daughter and she is all he lives for now.  When, her mother and step father agree to let their 17 year old daughter go to Europe for a month with a friend and stay at her aunt and uncle's house in France.  When they arrive and walk out of the airport they are greeted by what seems to be a charming young guy who will show them around the city.  Well, let's just say he's the bait and they are the biting fish.  He shares a cab with them in the guise of saying he will come pick them up for a party later that night, and coincidence, or not, would have it that about twenty minutes later and several phone calls from Liam Neason comes kidnappers who in classic movie style kidnap the girls for sex slavery after addicting them to drugs.  Well, they messed with the wrong Dad this time.  He says it in the previews, so I'm not revealing anything, but he says, "Let my daughter go now and that will be the end of it.  I don't have money, but if you don't let her go I have a very special set of skills.  I will find you and I will kill you." Then the guy on the other line says "Good Luck."
Way to go genius! When a man shows no emotion and is that confident that he will hunt you down and kill you, um, take my advice, believe him!  You can guess what happens next.

** 1/2 Two and half stars, one for being predictable, second for the whole ex-wife shared custody story, and third for the sex slavery story, hello it's been done come up with something creative now k?  Definitely worth renting but I am glad I didn't go see it at the theatre!

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