Friday, May 22, 2009


"Operation Valkerie is still in effect." Operation Valkerie was the last attempt of 20 total made on the life of Adolf Hitler. Tom Cruise plays the main organizer of the operation Colonel Van Staufenburg. After losing his eye one hand and 3 fingers on his other hand he went on to as closely as possible overthrow the worst war criminal to ever live. He was willing to die to prove that all Germans were not evil, that they did not all hate the Jews and they did not all believe the same things that Hitler did. Adolf Hitler lived that day and later that night took back Berlin after what Stauffenburg had done to try to overtake the capital. This movie is good if you care about history. I liked it because when we think back on WW2 everyone thinks it was Germany that was evil. It was not Germany at all. It was one man who assumed control of Germany. The movie shows that there were men of conscience who put their lives on the line to stop the terror. It seems convenient that all the German soldiers and characters in the movie spoke perfect American English and had no German accents whatsoever. It was okay. I'm glad I didn't waste my money and go see it at the theatre but it's worth the cost of Blockbuster or Netflix.

2 ** stars for educating us on the difference between the evil of an entire people and one man who rules them. The story needed to be told, could have been better, but hey they can't all be four star right!

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