Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's a sequel, that's a prequel, set in the future to events in the past. The reviews are in and they aren't looking good for T4 or should we say T1/2. This is technically a prequel but it's a continuation of events in the other three Terminator movies that we have seen in the past. Don't try to understand you just can't it's too freaking confusing. This movie is and does what it is supposed to do and that is ENTERTAIN. Movies are entertainment when all these critics turn up their nose at a movie because of it's depth or quality acting then the action movie genre is not where they should look. No one who sees this movie should or if they have any sense, would, go into this movie saying, my life is going to change dramatically thanks to this next two hours. It is not going to make you money or give you the meaning of life it's going to do what movies especially action movies are supposed to do, entertain you, get you out of your life for a couple of hours (helped by the strictness of cell phone enforcement) and let you jump into someone else's world a world where the hero always wins and the good guys either die a heroic death or they don't die at all. I think if you want to see a movie that makes you pay attention the whole time, keeps your interest, and stays true to its roots...then this is it. If you want to be told the meaning of life go see the Dahli Lama. It's an action movie people get with the program! This is John Connor and we have won this battle but the war is not over! Oh and let's not forget, we now have new Man meat in the smokin hot Marcus or Sam Worthington, move over Christian Bale, maybe you should stick to playing the Dark Night cause Marcus is more bad ass than you, at least in the movie.


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