Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek

I'm not a Star Trek fan or a fan of Captain Kirk, but after seeing this movie. I now am. I loved it! This movie is so good. It has the right amount of wierdness, foolishness, intrigue, action, and our beloved Trekkie characters both old and new...hint hint! Chris Pine pulls off the ladies man with a heart of gold like he was born to play the role. Zachary Quinto is uncanny look alike of Spock. In this movie, those mean Romulans creep up to take from the Federation Planets what in the future has been take from them by accident of Ambassador Spock. A black hole is formed and takes the future Romulans back in time to when the Enterprise made its maiden voyage and when Captain Kirk had only been in the Starfleet Academy for three years. Spock is torn between his half Vulcan, half human heritage and despite the charms and good looks of Jim Kirk, this time Spock gets the girl. It is exciting, fun, and a new way to introduce a new generation to a show that once captivated our elders. Way to go JJ Abrams. You have yourself a hit. I would not only go see it if I were you. I would go see it again, if money permitted. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Did I mention that Chris Pine is extremely easy on the eyes and that Winona Ryder has a cameo. Will the Enterprise survive its maiden voyage? Go watch and find out.
**** 4 stars for keeping the audience interested, good casting, good directing, and superb acting. I don't know about you but I hope there are many sequals in our future..Star Date 2009.511


  1. The new Star Trek proves yet again why Spock is an ideal officer in Star Fleet -- nothing ever surprises him or catches him off guard

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